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Library At The End Of The World

Library at the End of the World is hosted by noted survival and preparedness authority Jim Cobb. He's long been a fan of post-apocalyptic and disaster fiction and this show will focus on the books, TV shows, and movies that center on all the ways authors and directors have destroyed the world. We'll be talking about electromagnetic pulse, plague, nuclear war, alien invasion, zombie uprising, and so much more. Reviews, author interviews, even some real world survival and prepper tips along the way.

Mar 9, 2018

One interesting aspect of post-apocalyptic fiction is how one disaster can lead into the next and how characters deal with that.  Rarely is it just a single cause, such as a pandemic or nuclear event.  Instead, there is often a domino effect.  This week, we interviewed author DJ Cooper and talked about her Dystopia series, which highlights this domino effect as one disaster leads to the next.